About Us

Welcome to PeopleLabs.ai, your innovative partner in HR analytics. We utilize open-source, fine-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) on our proprietary large data corpus to revolutionize recruitment while prioritizing data privacy. Our mission is to provide top-tier, cost-effective AI solutions without compromising on security. Our core products include precise JD-CV matching, seamless end-to-end deployment, automatic candidate calling, and call summarization. At PeopleLabs.ai, we blend innovation with integrity, ensuring your HR operations are efficient and secure. Join us in transforming HR with cutting-edge, privacy-focused AI technology.

Our Team

At PeopleLabs.ai, our team is spearheaded by a unique and highly capable member: Andy, our advanced AI robot. Andy possesses comprehensive knowledge of all HR processes, including recruitment and JD-CV matching.

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  • Andy
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist